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AULLSUMY - Worldwide Travel Adapter Kit, $9.04 (Retail $14.58)

This product looks nice and the ledge on the top for a phone is convenient. This device comes with a handful of conversion plugs so you can basically take it to any country.

If you need an adapter that is trouble free and works every time. This is it. The kit has every plug you will ever need mounted on a piece of rubber foam to keep track of them. The best feature is that it hugs the wall and does not fall out of wall sockets which are often worn and loose. Another feature that is important is that the euro plug is round and fits the recessed sockets so common in older hotels. It has convenient AC and USB power plugs and the international and US plugs attach easily. Simply depress a button in the back and you can attach and change out the power plug to whatever geographical area around the world you are in.

Original Price: $14.58

Now $9.04

Promotion has ended